During your initial session (up to 2 hours), together we will identify and address issues and challenges that might interfere with your success. We will create a personalized program, so you can achieve your goals with the path of least resistance.  Our program combines EFT and hypnosis, to assist you in achieving your goals.  You will learn how these powerful techniques can be used to your advantage, to control emotions, habits and actions. They can help you to overcome stress, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs and to manage triggers and cravings. You will also receive an MP3 and workbook, to use between sessions, to help you to establish and reinforce the changes that you want to make. During your individualized program, you will develop a greater self-awareness skill and learn additional self-help techniques. With my guidance, you will build a strong foundation from which you will create a more healthier and happier you.

Our core program effectively addresses smoking cessation, weight loss and minimizing stress and anxiety responses. In addition, we can also address a wide array of unwanted habits, emotions, and self-limiting behaviors and irrational fears.

The programs we provide are all offered as one-time sessions. This works for a small percentage of people. However, studies have shown that it takes time and reinforcement to create change effectively and permanently. Therefore, in order for you to achieve your best results, we highly recommend 4 weekly sessions for our weight loss and stress and anxiety program and 4 consecutive daily sessions for our stop smoking program. At the end of the fourth session, we will re-evaluate your needs and you can determine if additional sessions would be necessary. Weight loss is often enhanced by a longer period of support, guidance and reinforcement.

How do you know if you will be successful? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you really want it?

Are you tired of programs that don’t work?

Do you have an open mind and a commitment to do the work and follow the instructions between sessions?

Are you looking for guidance, not someone who can magically do the work for you?

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like not to be held hostage by self-defeating behaviors, thoughts or habits?

We don’t want to see you forever; we want to help you to achieve your goals quickly and permanently.

 As a client of Tap Into Healing, support is always available.

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