I want to stop smoking, but…

Cigarettes are a part of our life. We see them everywhere, in the hands of the young and old, on television and in the movies, in grocery stores and convenience stores and, even at the checkout counter of pharmacies.

To stop smoking you must want to stop. It requires effort, but quitting means giving up on a habit that has been with you for a while, perhaps a lifetime. Smoking is an addiction. We know about the physical issues that result from smoking, the list is quite long. Lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver cancer and tuberculosis are only a few of the diseases to make the list. In addition, what about the psychological aspect of this addiction and the physical chemical dependency caused by nicotine?

When nicotine levels drop, the smoker’s heart rate increases, blood pressure is elevated, they may experience anxiety, restlessness and irritability. Hunger, thirst and dry mouth are other issues created by a lower level of nicotine. Imagine how good it will feel for your mind and body to be free of the overpowering symptoms of nicotine addiction.

When things are off or wrong, a smoker reaches for a cigarette to cope with the issue to try to temporarily feel better. When the one cigarette fails to ease the situation, the smoker reaches for a second, third and so on, until a pack or two is consumed in a day. This is a costly addiction, in numerous ways.

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This is where hypnosis comes in. It is a powerful tool that will help you to quit if you really want to. It will not work if you are trying to stop because someone has been pushing you toward quitting. It has to be about you and your desire to quit.

Hypnosis is about guiding you while you are in highly suggestible state by using verbal commands to reach the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious part of the brain. During hypnosis, you are awake and fully in control of your actions and body. Your subconscious mind is receiving information about the benefits of not smoking and being reassured that you no longer need to smoke.

How long does it take to quit smoking? The answer is: it depends. It would depend on your motivation and it may also depend on how much you smoke.

In some cases, only one session is necessary. However, due to the complexity of nicotine addiction, further sessions may be required. The habit took time to evolve, so it is only reasonable that you give yourself the proper amount of time for it to diminish in a way that is comfortable and permanent.

Ask yourself… do you want to invest in your health and well-being or do you want to give away your health and hard-earned money to the tobacco industry?

According to the sales tax handbook, 2020, the price of a pack of cigarettes including tax is:

            NY – $10.45

            MA – $9.08

            HI – $8.99

            NJ – $7.67

            NC – $4.82

            CO – $5.26

The list ranges from $4.82 to $10.45 per pack. If you are a single pack a day smoker, it can cost you anywhere between $1,759 to $3,814 per year!  Keep in mind that these numbers are for only one pack per day.

If you have been smoking for the past 5 years, you have already spent over $8,000.00 and over $16,000.00 if you have smoked for over a decade.  Now, if you smoke more than one pack a day, you can easily double or triple that amount. As you can see, smoking can be an expensive addiction. Imagine what you could have done with all that money, if it did not go up in smoke! Have you been dreaming of an island vacation or putting a pool up in the backyard or being debt free? You could easily put money away, without having to work overtime or a second job.

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